Cork Tiles

All Natural. 100% Recyclable.

Cork tiles are a versatile and eco-friendly flooring option that offers a unique blend of beauty, comfort, and sustainability. Available in a range of distinct styles, cork tiles provide a range of aesthetic options to suit various design preferences and interior styles.

70+ colours and designs available

A Rich History

Cork tiles gained popularity in the mid-20th century due to their warmth, comfort, and acoustic insulation. They continue to be a fashionable choice for both homes and commercial spaces.

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Bambus Silver
Bambus Cafe Latte
Bambus Grey
Bambus Nat
DC Beton #01
DC Beton #02
DC Beton #03
DC Beton #04
DC Mosaic #1
DC Mosaic #2
DC Mosaic #3
DC Mosaic #4
DC Mosaic #5
DC Mosaic #6
Eco #01
Eco #02
Eco #03
Eco #04
Eco #05
Eco #06
Eco #08
Eco #09
Eco #12
Eco #13
Eco #16
Eco #17
Eco #18
Fishbone Cafe Latte
Fishbone Grey
Fishbone Nat
Fishbone Silver
Fishbone White
Glamour Cafe Latte
Glamour Grey
Glamour Nat
Glamour Silver
Glamour White
Hacienda Cafe Latte
Hacienda Grey
Hacienda Terra
Hacienda White
Iceberg Cafe Latte
Iceberg Cafe
Iceberg Cream
Iceberg Silver
Iceberg White
Luxe Cafe Latte
Luxe Grey
Luxe Nat
Luxe Silver
Luxe White
Runway Gris
Runway Nat
Squared Cafe Latte
Squared Cafe
Squared Cream
Squared Gris
Squared Silver
Squared White
Standard Brown Stained
Standard Dark Massive
Standard Dark Stained
Standard Massive
Standard White Stained
Virgem Nat 205

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