A Commitment to Sustainable Flooring

Hybrid Cork Australia, led by David Chapman, is a leading force in sustainable flooring innovation, prioritising quality and environmental consciousness.

With over 30 years experience in the flooring industry, David has a keen understanding of what sets a high-quality product apart from an inferior one. This knowledge and passion fuels his dedication to integrating these cork products into the Australian market.

Hybrid Cork Australia has partnered with Corksribas, a respected Portuguese company known for its commitment to premium craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. This affiliation with Corksribas enables HCA to introduce top-quality hybrid flooring products to Australia.  

David Chapman, Hybrid Cork Australia
David Chapman

The Art of the Harvest

Play Video about Beautiful view on the plantation of cork oak trees with freshly crumbled bark in Portugal

Our Supplier: Corksribas in Portugal

Play Video about Bambus Nat Hybrid Cork Flooring