Sustainably crafted. Modern design.

Discover the revolutionary world of cork, where innovation meets sustainability.

As the world progresses towards a more sustainable future, cork flooring stands out as the most environmentally conscious option available. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial use, offering a greater variety of designs than ever before.

Explore the unique properties of cork

Natural Materials

Crafted from engineered cork composite, our flooring ensures durability while maintaining the warmth and texture of natural cork.

Co2 Negative

Cork has the ability to absorb and retain CO2 to a significant extent. Cork oak tree forests alone retain about 14 million tons of CO2 annually.

Sound Reduction

The distinct cellular structure of cork effectively dampens sound, minimising noise transmission both within and between rooms.

Thermal Properties

Experience year-round comfort with cork flooring, thanks to its natural thermal insulation properties, providing warmth and coziness.

Hygienic Living

Our cork flooring is designed with a specialised surface finish that actively resists the accumulation of dirt, dust, and microbes.


Feel unparalleled comfort with every step on our cork flooring, as its natural elasticity absorbs walking impacts and reduces stress on your body.

Timber Look.
Cork Benefits.

Hybrid Cork Flooring offers a revolutionary blend of natural cork’s benefits with the resilience of materials like vinyl or laminate, creating adaptable flooring solutions.

Traditional Cork

Natural cork tiles showcase the raw, organic beauty of cork bark, with its unique texture and warm, earthy tones adding a natural touch to any space. Now available in additional colours and prints.